Aaron Swartz Hackathon

Inspired by the work he did and the people he touched, we are organizing recurring hackathons at locations all over the world in memory of Aaron Swartz. The next set will be synchronized on the weekend of November 8-9, 2014. The event will bring together the varied communities that Aaron touched to figure out how the important problems of the world connect, and to share the load of working on those problems. The November 8-9 hackathon series is being coordinated on this page.


If you'd like to attend (and we hope you do), you can of course just show up. To be in the loop for updates and with other attendees, please send a listserv request to the Berlin Mailing list. If you'd like to give a talk, lead a session, be a community lead, or host a project, please send a 150 x 150 pixel image and a tweet-sized summary to samthetechie to be listed on this page, or fork the git and do so for yourself.

Other Logistics

Bring some random vegetables with you, we can cook them together... otherwise money for food and coffee also works. We are in the heart of kotti so there are many great places nearby to eat. If you'd like to bring some snacks and drinks to share with the group- great! Laptops are encouraged for those for whom that is their tool. Pens, paper, soldering irons, knitting needles, and other bits are all highly encouraged. We'll have power to plug yourselves into and wireless. We want people who express themselves through code, through art, through words, through anything at all. We want to hear your voice, and to add it to the chorus. Our tag will be #aaronswber

The Berlin Event

We will be kicking off the Berlin Hackathon at 10:00 on Friday 8th November @ thinkfarm, Oranienstra├če 183, 10999 Berlin, Germany.
nearest u-bahn station: Kottbusser tor (U-Bahn line U2 + U8).



Projects for all locations are listed on the Planning wiki

  • Have a project you'd like to see listed? Fork the code for the page or email samthetechie.